Data for EGS2013 Prac 2:

Fill the following form to obtain data for your domain.


(1) Each field requires a value
(2) The domain must be over land
(3) Use negative for west longitudes (i.e. 10.5W will be -10.5) and south latitudes (i.e. 10.0S will be -10.0). Don't include the letters (i.e. W, E, N , S)
(4) The domain size must be between 1 and 10 degree
(5) All values must be in degrees, convert the minute to degree (i.e. 10 deg 30" will be 10.5 deg)

Student Number:
Domain Center Longitude:
Domain Center Latitude:
Delta longitude: (domain size, longitude)
Delta latitude: (domain size, latitude)